Showing Off An Amazing Mouth

Showing Off An Amazing Mouth

The mouth area is an area that needs a lot of care, mainly because this is where food is introduced for digestion to take place. Because of this, it is quite common that when introducing these foods, the mouth is filled with bacteria that, if not removed properly, can cause periodontal health problems. One of the many issues that can occur in this part of the body is burning mouth syndrome, a malaise that produces continuous chronic pain inside the mouth.

This pain can affect the whole mouth or certain parts such as the tongue, gums, lips, inside of the cheeks, among others. The sensation produced by this syndrome is similar to small cuts in the area or stinging. This syndrome is more common in older adults and is more associated with women than men. The dentist Tijuana and other specialists in the oral area do not yet determine why adults have these discomforts. For this reason, there is no specific treatment to alleviate the symptoms caused by this peculiar syndrome.

Causes of discomfort

This condition is divided into two, according to the level of pain that the person presents.

Primary: If the condition is not associated or is the result of a problem in the body, it is known as the primary level. Many investigations have determined that this problem can be caused by some wear or damage in the nerves that control the tolerance of pain and the taste that the tongue perceives at the moment of introducing something in our mouth. In spite of these investigations, it is still not possible to determine 100% if it is due to damage in these two parts of the organism.

Secondary: It is a larger scale than the primary, compared to the previous level to this, the discomforts produced by this syndrome are associated with some disease in the body. It is for this reason that if the cause of the disease is treated, which also produces this burning sensation, it is very probable that the ailment will diminish. The purposes for which the syndrome may be categorized as second-degree is by:

  • Hormonal alterations, mainly associated with drastic changes such as menopause or thyroid problems.
  • Metabolic disorders, mainly due to different types of diabetes.
  • Toxicity from dental products, mainly from metal instruments.
  • Allergies to certain foods.
  • By different syndromes that also belong to the buccal area, mainly by the one known as “dry mouth” or by the Sjögren syndrome.
  • Medical treatments, notably radiotherapy.
  • Medications such as those to control high blood pressure.
  • Nutritional imbalances. The lack of certain nutrients can cause this discomfort, especially if there is a low level of vitamin B12 and, in some cases, a lack of iron.
  • Oral infections, especially from a fungus.
  • Stomach acid reflux problems.

Symptoms of the syndrome

Definitely, the main symptom and why people turn to the doctor is the sensation of pain and burning in the mouth. There may also be numbness in the area, dryness, and alterations in the sense of taste. This condition is more frequent in the area of the tongue, although it can be felt in different regions of the oral cavity. These discomforts may last a short or long time, maybe frequent or chronic pain; this depends significantly on the degree in which the syndrome is found.


As mentioned above, there is no specific treatment for these ailments since not all treatments are functional in all people, so it is necessary that the dentist can specify which may be the right one for the individual.


If you already have a burning discomfort, it is important to avoid tobacco, spicy or very hot foods, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic dental products, and citrus foods.


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