Beauty and care treatment

Beauty and care treatment

If you travel to Tijuana on your next vacation, consider including a beauty and care treatment in your plans. You can start by relaxing in a wonderful spa that will leave your skin rejuvenated and then think of a treatment that will significantly change your appearance. 

In Tijuana they are specialists in everything that has to do with your smile, and also other types of treatments with which you can arrive from your rest time with a real transformation that will undoubtedly surprise everyone who knows you.

It will take just a few days to achieve a total transformation. So on your next break think about everything you can get, if you invest your money in a care and beauty treatment performed by professionals.  

Smile with confidence

Dental treatments in Tijuana are very inexpensive. And use all digital technology to make them more accurate and faster. The necessary x-rays are taken to know the state of your teeth and after analyzing them the dentist will propose different treatments so that your teeth look wonderful. 

A dentist in Tijuana can perform one of these treatments effectively, in a short time and at a cost between 50 and 75% less than what it would cost in another city. 

Orthodontics, veneers, smile designs, teeth whitening, are some of the treatments that you will get to make your smile look perfect. 

Botox and goodbye wrinkles!

Botox is a medicine that contains a toxin extracted from a fish that, when applied, makes the muscles that cause wrinkles or expression lines relax, maintaining the natural expression of the same and helping to uncheck said lines.

 They are generally applied to both the face and neck, and great care must be taken in the areas near the nose and lips because with a bad application you can really change the features of the face.

 Its effect is very fast, as it begins to be noticed between the third and fifth day. The final effect will be seen in the following 14 days, which will remain active between 4 and 6 months.

As a general rule, professionals in applying Botox first perform a test to check if there is an allergic reaction in you with respect to this toxin, which It tends to cause inflammation, reddish color and itchiness.

Once it has been established that you have no allergies to the treatment, the toxin will be applied through injections, with a needle almost as thin as a hair. These should be applied by a professional in cosmetic surgery, as they must know perfectly the appropriate places to inject it, as it should not touch any nerves, or the consequences will be disastrous.

Botox will give you an immediate stretching sensation, which at first can be very marked and then it will start to decrease, until in about a week you no longer have any symptoms.

Botox Tijuana is one of the most used by those who want change their appearance quickly and safely.


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